4 pro-Israel activists thrown out of Parliament

27-04-2017 20:56

Source: MEMO


Four pro-Israeli activists were removed by armed police from an event in the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday for disruptive behaviour.


A meeting attended by British MP’s and prominent academics was held by the London based organisation Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) to discuss the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.


The audience heard Labour MP Mark Hendrick and notable figures including Professor Wendy Pullan, Professor Penny Green and Professor Kamel Hawwash, speak about discrimination and displacement faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.


The disruption began immediately after the presentation. In their press release, PRC said:


During the Q&A session, four Pro-Israeli activists caused immense disruption and abused the audience, speakers and the chairman of the event MP Hendrick.


The pro-Israeli activists who have been identified as Jonathan Hoffman, Richard Millet, Mandy Blumental and Sharon Klaff, were asked to abide by the rules of the parliament building.


However, according to the PRC press release, they ignored Hendrick’s repeated appeal not to film and audio record the event as it violated House of Commons rules, forcing him to call Parliament Police.


Jonathan Hoffman, who has become notorious for his disruptive behaviour, was also one of the two pro-Israel activists to be removed from the House of Lords during a pro-Palestinian event in March.


PRC has said it will be reporting the names of the activists to the relevant authorities in the Parliament and will call for the permanent banning of these individuals from entering the Commons building.


It stressed that “the four activists have a long history of disrupting pro-Palestinian meetings and cause intentional rows at universities and parliament.”

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