Hamas: All Palestinian factions agree on any future talks with Fatah

14-04-2017 19:03

Source: Alray


Islamic resistance movement Hamas, held a meeting in Gaza with national and Islamic factions conveying its attitude towards finding solution with Fatah movement.


Salah Bardawel, senior leader in Hamas, said in a press conference that there is obvious consonant from all parties to involve in any future talks with Fatah.


“We welcome any delegation from Fatah coming to the Gaza Strip, and we don’t accept any threat or blackmail regarding Gaza sufferings,’ he added.


Bardawel pointed out that the recent administrative committee formed only to organize work of government institutional and ministries due to absence of reconsennat government.


He affirmed that such committee will be off work as soon as the current government in Ramallah fulfilled its duties towards Gaza.


 “The pressure practiced against Gaza is a mere political decision; the government in Ramallah do not suffer from any financial crisis. US administration asked Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to suppress the Gaza Strip,” Bardawel stressed.


Khaled Al-Batsh, prominent leader in Jihad movement, both Hamas and Fatah to hold national meeting to put an end to the internal division.

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