220 Palestinian children killed in Syria

06-04-2017 20:07

Source: Alray


Action Group for Palestinians of Syria documented 220 Palestinian refugees children were killed due to the ongoing war in Syria.


The group said that on 5 April coincides the Palestinian children Day while Palestinian children are killed due to bombing, strict siege on refugees’ camps or sinking in death boats.


In the meanwhile, dozens of Palestinians families who were deported, forcibly, from Khan Al-Sheikh to Edleb lived very difficult conditions.


According to the group, Palestinian refugees called UNRWA to fulfill its duties towards them and to provide suitable life for children and women suffering hard conditions.


UNRWA did not provide them any kind of help, as it did not have any branches in Edleb.


Around 2500 Palestinian refugees were deported from Khan Al-Sheikh on Nov. 2016.


The group also documented 48 arrest cases among Palestinian refugees in Syria during the second half of 2016. 16 were arrested in Edleb while 11 in Homs.

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