Only 30 per cent of Israelis support establishing Palestinian state

03-04-2017 19:25

Source: Alray


Israeli recent poll recorded a significant decline in the Israeli support of establishing Palestinian independent state , as just 30% of Israelis support the establishing comparing to 2005. 

 A poll published by Haaretz paper recorded a decline in supporting the establishing of Palestinian independent state as just 29% of Israelis supporting the idea comparing to 55% of Israelis in 2005.

57% of the respondents opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state even if the settlement blocs remained in the hands of "Israel", in return for 37% support such a project.

77% rejected the establishment of Palestinian state on West Bank lands comparing to 17% with. 
Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinian authority have come to a stand still since 2014 , without reaching any solutions. Peace negotiations stopped after nine months of talks that sponsored by the US and Europe; because of Issrael’s refusal to stop the settlements, to accept the 1967 borders as the basis for negotiations, and to release of Palestinian prisoners in Its prisons.

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