3439 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria, including 455 women

16-02-2017 19:36

Source: Alray News


The working group for Palestinian in Syria reported that about 3439 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria ,including 455 women.


The group added in a report that 1163 Palestinian detainees, including 83 women arrested in the branches of the security and intelligence services of the Syrian regime.


The group noted that 109 Palestinian refugees died as a result of lack of nutrition and medical care because of the blockade in Yarmouk camp.


It stressed that the siege of the Yarmouk refugee camp enters the 1334 days, pointing out that Draa camp suffered of water cut for more than 1038 days and Yarmouk camp for 845 days.


The group reported that the people of Hndarat camp in Aleppo were prevented from returning to their homes since 1382 days, and the camp under the control of the regime army for more than 117 days.


In the same context, the group noted that about 79 .000  Palestinian refugees migrated to Europe until the mid of 2016, while 31.000 fled to in Lebanon, 17 to Jordan, 6.000 to Egypt, and 8.000 to in Turkey, and one thousand to Gaza.

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