UK student officials visited illegal settlements during Israel trip

26-01-2017 19:56

Source: Middle East Eye


Senior officials from the UK's National Union of Students were taken to illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Golan Heights, as part of a trip organised by the pro-Israeli Union of Jewish Students (UJS). 


The trip, which took place earlier this month and just days after an Al Jazeera undercover investigation alleged links between the UJS and the Israeli embassy, has been condemned as "one-sided" by pro-Palestine student activists. 


NUS officials who attended the trip, which is organised by the UJS every year, included Shakira Martin, the NUS vice-president for further education; Fergal McFerran, the president of the NUS in Northern Ireland and the Union of Students of Ireland (NUS-USI); and Angela Alexander, the women's officer for NUS Scotland.


Updates posted on Facebook by Martin and McFerran showed that the group visited religious sites in east Jerusalem and Ramallah in the occupied West Bank during the trip.


Middle East Eye, however, is able to reveal that the three NUS officials also visited the illegal Israeli settlements of Kidmat Tzvi and Merom Golan in the occupied Golan Heights, territory captured by Israel from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War that is still internationally recognised as Syrian territory.


Both McFerran and Alexander posted Facebook statuses unrelated to the trip on 20 January which were geo-tagged to the settlements.


Despite writing about the trip in other posts on Facebook, McFerran subsequently deleted the post he wrote which geo-tagged his location as being in the settlement of Kidmat Tzvi. 


MEE tried to contact McFerran directly to ask why the post had been deleted but he did not respond. 

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