Poll: 95 per cent of Palestinians in 1948 Occupied Palestine suffer inequality

23-01-2017 19:16

Source: Palestine Information Centre


An Israeli poll shows that 95% of Palestinians who live in 1948 Occupied Palestine suffer from inequality in human rights. 63% of them said that Israel is a state of discrimination when it comes to the rights of Palestinians. 


50% of those who participated in the poll, which was conducted following the bloody events in Um al-Hairan village in the Negev, charged the Israeli government with responsibly for those incidents. 40% of the participants charged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself with responsibility for Um al-Hairan violations. 


59% of participants in the poll, which was conducted on a sample of 182 people aged between 18 and 72 and published by Maariv newspaper, said that they do not trust Israeli media. 


97% of participants expressed their refusal of the Israeli policy of home-demolition policy practiced against Palestinians’ homes in 1948 Occupied Palestine. 50% believed that it has political and racial reasons. 15% of the participants, however, opined that it aims at regulating the not permitted construction in the area. 


20% of those who took part in the poll said that it is related to the corruption suspicions brought against Netanyahu, while, 14% believed that Israeli home-demolition policy aims at satisfying settlers in Amona settlement. 

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