SALISBURY EVENT: Talk with Ilan Pappé: “Perfidious Albion: The Haunting Legacy of the Balfour Declaration”.

18-01-2017 18:50

Source: Palestine Solidarity Campaign


7:30 pm


Salisbury Methodist Church
St Edmund’s Church Street, 


Ilan Pappe will discuss Britain’s involvement in the creation of the State of Israel in a talk entitled “Perfidious Albion: The Haunting Legacy of the Balfour Declaration”. 


Professor Pappé, formerly of Haifa and currently of Exeter University, is an Israeli Jew whose academic work has focused on how Israel was set up and its effect on the indigenous Palestinian community. Acclaimed investigative journalist John Pilger has called him “Israel’s bravest, most principled, most incisive historian”.


Tickets at £5 each are available on the door from 7pm.


For more information visit www.sarumconcern.org

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