EU rejects transferring US embassy to Jerusalem

18-01-2017 18:19

Source: Alray News


In a declaration on Monday, European Union Foreign Ministers openly rejected any plan followed by the newly- elected American president Donald Trump to transfer the US Embassy located in Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, warning of the consequences of escalating tensions with the Arab world.


“It is important for all of us to refrain from taking any unilateral actions, especially those that lead to serious consequences,” In a press release in Brussels talks, Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said.


“We hope that there will be enough thinking about the consequences of taking such a move,” the High Representative added.


Whilst Trump has not taken any formal decision about transferring the US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem yet, the High Representative refused to indicate the possible consequences of such a move.


Although Trump has no clear policy on Middle East until the moment, he indicated that he will be more empathy with Israel than the previous US administration.


It is worth mentioning that Trump has made promises in his election campaign to transfer the US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.


In the same context, after Trump’s winning the US presidential elections, Israel encourages Donald Trump to fulfill his promises of transferring the US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

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