Advocacy and Lobbying training day (Malmö - Sweden) Saturday 13th June

10-06-2015 16:44


EuroPal Forum is pleased to announce the initiation of  a series of public relations (PR) and lobbying training courses held throughout Europe.


The training day is designed to encourage and assist pro-Palestine activists who wish to become politically active on Palestine.


The training consists of three specific areas designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to effectively lobby for Palestine. The training will develop your activism skills through each of the three sessions.

Trainees will gain a thorough knowledge of the Swedish political systems of governance, political thought, and activism in relation to Palestine. In addition to an analysis of the Swedish based pro-Palestine NGOs and their role in mobilising support for Palestine.




The training shall take place on Saturday 13th June 2015


Lunch and refreshments shall be provided on the day.


* Time:



* Address: 

Lönngatan 30, 214 46 Malmö (Garaget ) Sweden 

* Speakers include:

Zaher Birawi, EuroPal Forum chairman
Adnan Abou Chakra, Journalist and Activist
Ann Ighe, Spokesperson of Ship to Gaza Sweden


* To book your place now and for more information:

Email: admin@europalforum.org.uk
Mobile: 0046707982893


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