Moscow to host Palestinian reconciliation talks in mid-January

03-01-2017 18:09

Source: Palestine Information Centre


A meeting of Palestine’s major factions Fatah and Hamas seeking to restore unity among the Palestinians will be held in Moscow on January 15, TASS Russian news agency revealed Tuesday.


"The Russians will host a meeting of Fatah, Hamas and other Palestinian officials in Moscow in the middle of January to discuss reconciliation," the sources said.


Hamas and Fatah movements did not yet confirm their participation.


The sources added that the talks in Russia would be held simultaneously with an international peace conference in Paris scheduled for the same day, January 15.


Speaking to the PIC reporter, Palestinian political analyst Adnan Abu Amer did not welcome the idea of discussing the internal Palestinian split abroad.


"There is no need to transfer the internal Palestinian split file to Moscow. I don’t think that such a move will have benefits", according to him.


Such act would reinforce the Russian influence in the region, he said.


A split between Palestine’s two major forces, Fatah and Hamas, occurred after the parliamentary elections in Palestine in 2006 when Hamas won.

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