3411 Palestinian killed in Syria since the outbreak of violence

21-12-2016 18:50

Source: Alray


The action group of Palestinians of Syria documented the death of 3411 Palestinians in Syria since the broke out of the events, 455 of them are women. 

The non-governmental group published Monday evening a report in which it documented the death toll of Palestinians in Syria due to the ongoing violent clashes for more than five years.

The report noted that bombing, sniper shooting, armed clashes, siege and sinking to death in the sea are the main causes of death. 

The report noted that about 1.277 Palestinians were killed in Yarmouk refugee camp.

The group called on the International institutions to provide immediate protections for the Palestinians in Syria.

According to UN statics about 450.000 out of 550.000 Palestinian refugees still live in Syria , 95% of them in need for medical help.

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