Take Action: The Ongoing Injustices of the Nakba (catastrophe)

15-05-2015 09:44

Source: PSC


Friday 15th May marks the 67th year since the Nakba. That’s 67 years since whole Palestinian villages were razed to the ground, their residents massacred and hundreds of thousands more Palestinians were forced to flee. 


The Nakba (catastrophe) created 750,000 Palestinian refugees in just a matter of weeks. Today that figure is over 5 million.


The Nakba continues to this day. Not only in the millions of Palestinian refugees spread across the world, many of whom have become double refugees due to conflicts like the one in Syria, but in the ongoing displacement of Palestinians. 


Just this week it has emerged that the Israeli government plans to legalise settlements, making permanent the illegal stealing of Palestinian land and destruction of livelihood. Whilst in Gaza it has emerged that families in Khuza’a have been forced to live in shipping containers after their homes were destroyed in the most recent Israeli massacre. Many families look out onto the rubble of their houses and face the constant memory of Israel’s attack.


The ongoing injustices of the Nakba can be seen in the daily humiliation Palestinians face simply trying to reach their own land or get to school. It can be seen in the violence of the Israeli state or the brutality of the settlers they sponsor. 


However, Palestinians continue to struggle for their rights and refuse to accept the brutality and oppression of occupation. They will not let people forget the Nakba and will not give up on their right to return to their homeland. It is vital that we continue to stand in solidarity with Palestine and fight for justice.


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