French president rules out holding peace conference

16-11-2016 20:20

Source: MAAN News


French president Francois Hollande expressed his concern over not holding international peace conference at the coming December in light of the US presidency elections results.


Hollande said in a press statement that the new American administration will not participle under the current circumstances.


The French president believed that if the new US president Donlad Trumb will implement what he said during his election campaign, then the international efforts for pushing peace process forward between Palestinians and Israelis would fail.


Paris has grown frustrated over the absence of movement toward a two-state solution since the collapse of U.S.-brokered talks in 2014 and argues that letting the status quo prevail was, as one French diplomat, called it "waiting for a powder keg to explode".


Israeli occupation objected holding peace conference while the Palestinian Authority welcomed the French initiative.

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