European Parliament Group Leads Constructive Dialogue with Schulz on Palestine

30-04-2015 12:47


The left-wing group of the European Parliament led Tuesday constructive dialogue with European Parliament President Martian Schulz regarding Israel's continued denial of access to Gaza for European Parliament delegations visiting Palestine, among other issues.


The press release was issued by the European United Left/ Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL), members of European Parliament (MEPs) Martina Anderson and Neoklis Sylikiotis. The meeting was attended by French MEP Edouard Martin from the S&D group.


During the meeting, Schulz agreed that the Israeli authorities should grant the EP delegation access to Gaza and pledged to use his position in order to urge them to do so.


Irish MEP Martina Anderson, Chair of Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council (DPLC), said: “It is part of the mandate of the DPLC to have democratic scrutiny over and assess the effectiveness of EU projects on the ground. Given that the EU is the largest donor to Palestine this is of particular importance.”


“It is unacceptable for Israel to continue to deny access especially as they remain eligible for a number of EU funding programs themselves,” added Anderson.


The detention of Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar was another item on the agenda of the meeting.


MEPs handed Schulz a copy of a letter signed by 58 MEPs which was sent to EU Foreign Affairs Chief Mogherini calling for the release of PLC member Jarrar, who was detained in her home by Israeli occupying forces.


Cypriot MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis said: “It is deplorable that Palestinian elected representatives like Khalida Jarrar are being arrested by occupying forces, this goes against democratic principles and is a further example of the unjust occupation which is further increasing tension in Palestine.”


The MEPs and Schulz also discussed their concern for expanding settlements in Area C and the need to ensure Israel stops such breaches of international law that further undermine the viability of the two state solution.


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