Dr. Ashrawi welcomes Greek Consul General Christos Sofianopoulos to Palestine

17-10-2016 13:52

Source: PNN


PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met with Greek Consul General Christos Sofianopoulos at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah and welcomed him to Palestine.


Dr. Ashrawi expressed her appreciation to Greece for its continued backing of Palestine at the United Nations, and she said, “It is our hope that Greece’s recognition of Palestine will be forthcoming soon and that Palestine and Greece will cement their relations at all levels.”


In the context of affirming the important legacy of Palestinian-Greek ties, both parties discussed developing and augmenting bilateral relations and cooperation, as well as the trilateral agreement that was recently signed among Palestine, Cyprus and Greece.


Dr. Ashrawi provided an assessment of the alarming and worsening conditions on the ground, and she stressed the imperative of the international community to hold Israel accountable and to undertake serious and concrete measures to curb its persistent violations of international law


The discussion also focused on the threats to regional peace and stability, as well as the global implications and consequences of Israel’s violations and impunity.

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