Corbyn: Palestinian people need and deserve a state, Occupation must End.

29-09-2016 19:35

Source: Vyara Gylsen


Jeremy Corbyn addressed pro Palestine campaigners at the meeting of "Labour Friend of Palestine" during the Labour Conference in Liverpool on 26th of Sept. In his speech, he talked about the importance of addressing the issues related to Palestinian rights including Palestinian refugees, an end to the occupation and to ensure a two state solution.


In his speech, Jeremy Corbyn also spoke of the importance of Palestine receiving recognition around the world. He said "I was very proud to put forward the Palestinian recognition motion when it came before the House of Commons because I believe that the Palestinian people need and deserve that recognition and that will help to bring about a long term recognition by the rest of the world and a real peace process that ends the occupation and also ends the siege on Gaza."


Corbyn concluded his speech with emphasising on the need for countries to work together for political solutions to solve the world's conflicts. He said that political solutions should be the watch word for elected governments to make sure that human rights and justice are at the heart of their foreign policy.


Zaher Birawi,  The chairman of EuroPal Forum, participating in the Labour General Conference expressed his hope that the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of Labour Party will increase chances of standing by just causes around the world especially the Palestinian cause.

Mr. Birawi added that he hopes this step will lead to a change in British policies towards the Israeli Palestinian conflict. He added that this perspective will be even stronger if the Labour Party wins in the next general elections.

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