On its way to break Gaza siege, women’s boat arrives in France

20-09-2016 17:47

Source: MEMO


The fourth Freedom Flotilla boat Zaytouna arrived in the French seaport of Ajaccio following a voyage from Barcelona heading to the Gaza Strip, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.


The boat is due to leave Ajaccio today and “then continue its journey to Messina, Italy, the final departure point before sailing to the shores of Gaza in late September.”


The statement noted that there is another boat named Amal which returned to Barcelona due to mechanical damage.


“We are attempting to find a replacement boat for Amal, which has had to return to the harbour in Barcelona with mechanical difficulties.” A crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to raise the additional funds needed for it.


Claude Léostic, a Freedom Flotilla Coalition spokesperson in France said: “We hope that the arrival of these women in Gaza in a few weeks’ time will let them know that they are not alone. That internationally, the peoples of the world share their hopes and stand in solidarity with the women of Gaza and all of Palestine.”


The Gaza Strip has been under a strict Israeli siege for ten years. There have been several efforts to break the siege but none have succeeded.

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