40 percent increase in settlement building in WB and Jerusalem

19-09-2016 13:02

Source: Alray


The bids of building settlements recorded 40% raise in the first half of 2016 comparing to the second half of 2015, the National Office for Defending the Land reported. 


About 1195 new settlement units were constructed in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem during the first half of 2016 comparing to 850 settlement units in the second half of last year, according to data published by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The report revealed that a new Israeli decision was prepared to build tens of settlement units in occupied Jerusalem. 


It noted that the Israeli Local Committee for Planning and Building in Jerusalem approved the building of new three buildings and tens of settlement units after signing the US aid agreement which valued 38.000.000$ for ten years, exempting US from practicing pressure on Israel. 

The tender to build settlement units has been awarded to a religious Jewish Society, but it still needs the approve of Israeli municipality. Senior Israeli official in the municipality revealed that it intends to work on all settlement plans before the end of the mandate of the current US administration.


The report also revealed that the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem prepares to seize Palestinian lands in al-Mukaber mount, east of Jerusalem in order to build a synagogue in Nof Zion settlement. Israeli Local Committee for Planning and Building in Jerusalem approved the plan.


The Israeli musicality also approved the building of a seven-floor hotel on al-Mukaber mount in front of al-Aqsa mosque. The Israeli plan is seeking of encouraging of settlement process especially in the Old City. 


The Israeli occupation authorities recently launched a new project calling it Road Stones, coasted ten thousands NIS. The project erected more than 110 cement blocks on roads in the West Bank with strange numbers and letters written on them. 

Israeli army explained that it seeks to encode West Bank areas in order to facilitate the access to attack area without naming it.

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