Israeli settlers in Palestine up to 780.000 since Oslo: Shaath

26-08-2016 19:18

Source: Alray


The number of Israeli settlers emigrated to occupied Palestine ups to 780,000 since Oslo agreement, Commissioner of International Relations Nabil Shaath said.


Shaath said Wednesday in the Cultural Forum in occupied Palestine that around 62% of West Bank area is occupied by settlement, isolating most of the West Bank cities and villages. 

He noted that there is a big difference between what is reported by the media and the real fact on the ground. 

He used the South African as a model of ending the apartheid system, saying that the Palestinian people are looking for freedom. 

He said that after 23 years of signing Oslo agreement, we still lack the tools of implementing the International resolutions. However, the Palestinian people still stand on his ground despite of the Israeli aggressions.

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