More than 144,200 Palestinian refugees have fled Syria since 2011

15-07-2016 20:16

Source: MEMO


More than 144,200 Palestine refugees living in Syria have sought fled the violence since 2011, according to the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria.


In a statement released on Wednesday the London-based group said the refugees had fled to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, the Gaza Strip and Europe.


The total number of Palestinian refugees in Syria is 593,600, according to UNRWA.


The group also pointed to the deadly impact of the siege imposed by the Syrian regime’s forces on the Yarmouk refugee camp. The siege “continued for 1,120 consecutive days. Power cuts continued for more than 1,182 days, water was cut for 671 days respectively. The number of siege victims is 187,” the group said on its website.

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