MPs from Arab and Muslim countries arrive in London to discuss the Palestine issue

11-07-2016 18:22

By: EuroPal Forum


Between 18th – 21st of July 2016, EuroPal Forum will be hosting a delegation of parliamentarians from Arab and Muslim countries to the UK to raise concerns about Palestine and its role in the peace and stability in the Middle East and worldwide and the importance of reaching a just solution.


Next Tuesday, 19 July 2016, the delegation will be participating in a cross-party Reception and Seminar at Parliament. The title of the discussion will be 'Palestine: Key for Stability and Peace in the Middle East'.


The seminar will be hosted and chaired by Dr Paul Monaghan SNP MP. The panel includes:


- Grahame Morris MP (Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East)

- Haneen Al Zoubi (Palestinian Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset)

- Baroness Tonge (Liberal Democrats Member of the House of Lords)

- Mohd Rafizi Ramli MP (Member of the Parliament of Malaysia)


This delegation comes under the EuroPal Forum aims to promote dialogue and a better understanding of the Palestinian narrative and to build bridges between Palestinian, Arab and European decision makers.


Zaher Birawi, the Chariman of EuroPal Forum said that the objective of the delegation’s visit is to conduct official and public meetings in the UK to convey the importance of the Palestinian cause to the Arab world, and to urge their counterparts in the UK to put more efforts and exchange ideas to reach a just solution for the Palestinian cause which can achieve true peace not only in the Middle East region but on an international level.


The delegation will be attended by nine parliamentarians from Arab and Muslim countries from a wide political spectrum, namely politicians from Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia.


You can register to attend the cross-party Reception and Seminar by clicking here.

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