Israel freezes Ramadan permits for Palestinians after shooting

09-06-2016 19:05

Source: MEMO


Israel said Thursday it had suspended entry permits for 83,000 Palestinians during the holy month of Ramadan following a shooting in Tel Aviv that killed four people.


It said that 83,000 Palestinians would be affected, adding that 200 residents of Gaza who had received permits to visit relatives during Ramadan would also have access frozen.


“All permits for Ramadan, especially permits for family visits from Judea and Samaria to Israel, are frozen,” said a statement from COGAT, the unit which manages civilian affairs in the occupied West Bank.


COGAT announced the measures after two Palestinians opened fire at a popular Tel Aviv nightspot near Israel’s military headquarters late Wednesday, killing four people in one of the worst attacks in a months-long wave of violence.


It said it had frozen permits for 204 relatives of one of the alleged attackers.


Israel had announced last week it was relaxing restrictions on the movement of Palestinians, mainly from the West Bank, but also those living in Gaza, during Ramadan.

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