Palestinian Assembly organizes International Week to Break Siege on Gaza

02-06-2016 19:36

Source: Alray


Palestinian Assembly in Germany on Wednesday handed a motion to the European Commission in Germany, asking to take actions to lift the siege  imposed on Gaza for ten years.


The motion explained the humanitarian conditions of the people in Gaza which are affected by the strict measures imposed by Israeli occupation on Gaza. Israel banned  the entry of basic needs as well as building materials needed for the reconstruction process in Gaza after the last Israeli offensive in 2014.


The motion stressed the importance of exert pressure on Israel to end all aspects of siege on Gaza and to stand by the Palestinian people in Gaza to resort their right of free movement, goods entry, and reconstructing the destroyed infrastructure.


Palestinian Assembly in Germany in cooperation with The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza on Monday launched the International Week of Breaking the Siege on Gaza which will last to next Sunday.


The assembly will organize a series of activities in Dortmund, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Berlin during this week , aiming to break the siege on Gaza  imposed for ten years.

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