Italians take pizza skills to Palestine

02-06-2016 18:36

Source: MEMO


A delegation of Italian chefs, headed by Maurizio Domingo, showed a group of Palestinian citizens and chefs how to make pizza on Wednesday. The event took place at the Gaza seaport.


Chef Maurizio said that the Italian delegation visited Gaza in order to exchange experiences with the Palestinians. He expressed his hope that all the barriers that prevent foreign delegations from reaching Gaza will be removed in order to ease the process of cultural exchange and development between the countries of the world.


He added that he came to Gaza based on his belief that pizza is popular around the world and it would be a means to exchange cultural values with the people of the besieged enclave.


The Italian chefs made six types of pizza for the crowds, who also had the chance to taste the finished products. A number of Gazan restaurants participated in the programme by serving Thai-style sandwiches. Lasagne was also made under the supervision of Chef Maurizio.


The delegation reached Gaza on Tuesday through the Beit Hanoun/Erez crossing from Israel, after being invited by a pizza restaurant in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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