Europal to release report on pro-Israel lobby in Europe

04-05-2016 19:02

Source: The Palestinian Information Centre


The London-based Europal Forum intends to release soon a report on "the Zionist lobby and the European Union" that will lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the network of pro-Israel groups in Europe in general and Belgium in particular.


According to Europal, the report will reveal the parties that fund the pro-Israel groups in Europe and their involvement in supporting illegal Israeli activities in the West Bank.


The report will also unveil facts about how the Zionist lobby has managed to convince European lawmakers to prevent any move at their parliaments aimed at imposing sanctions on Israel for its human rights violations in Palestine.


Moreover, the report exposes Israeli attempts to undermine popular campaigns supporting the Palestinian people in Europe. The forum will publicize the report in Brussels on May 9 and in London on May 13.

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