LONDON EVENT: Nakba Talk with Awad Abdelfattah: One Democratic State

28-04-2016 18:55

Source: SOAS Palestine Society


ODS in Palestine (England) and SOAS PalSoc invite you to a free talk by Awad Abdelfattah and Karl Awad in conversation about the one state solution. 

This May is the 68th anniversary of 'Nakba', the Palestinians’ dispossession of their land through the creation of Israel on top of it and their mass expulsion in 1948. To mark this occasion, we would like to invite you to an event to discuss calls for the establishment of One Democratic State for Israeli and Palestinian citizens, regardless of ethnicity and religion. Our two speakers are both ODS supporters and Palestinian men from the Galilee:

Awad Abdelfattah is Secretary-General of the National Democratic Assembly political party (represented in the Israeli Knesset and also called Al Tajamoa in Arabic and Balad in Hebrew). His party supports “a state for all its citizens”; its demand is that Israel be reformed into a liberal democracy. It was disqualified from the 2009 Israeli elections on grounds that it does not recognize the State of Israel (the ban was overturned by the Israeli Supreme Court). Awad recently spoke about ODS before the South African parliament and has expounded on his views in blogs.

Karl Sabbagh is a television producer and author whose ancestors were forced from their town of Safed in 1948. He supports the ODS vision which calls for the Right of Return of all Palestinian refugees. Karl grew up in England and like earlier Palestinian thinkers George Antonius and Tarif Khalidi, he graduated from Cambridge University’s King’s College.

Date: Thursday 12th May

Venue: SOAS Brunei building, room B102

Time: 6.30 pm

Cost: Free. Donations welcome.

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