Under French pressure, PA considers halting UN anti-settlement bid

20-04-2016 18:36

Source: Palestinian Information Centre


The French government have pressured the Palestinian Authority (PA) to suspend its effort to extract a UN resolution condemning Israel's settlement construction activities in the West Bank and Jerusalem, Haaretz newspaper said Wednesday.


According to top Palestinian and Israeli officials, the French government fears that such a resolution could scuttle the peace conference it is attempting to organize this summer, and is therefore leaning on the Palestinians to freeze their new anti-settlement move at the UN Security Council.


Haaretz newspaper pointed out that other countries, including Egypt and Jordan, supported the French position in this regard. As a result, the PA is seemingly mulling over suspending its anti-settlement bid at the Security Council to please the French side.


"The opportunity to go to the Security Council will always be there and we want to give a chance to the French initiative because, in the end, this is an initiative that serves us and not one that hurts us," a PA official told Haaretz on condition of anonymity.


This development reportedly emerged during a meeting in Paris on Friday between French president Francois Hollande and PA president Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas is said to be fully supporting the French peace initiative.

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