Palestine Land Day 2016

30-03-2016 12:30

Source: Vyara Gylsen

Wednesday 30th March marks the 40th anniversary of Palestine Land Day (Yom al-Ard). A day that draws the attention to Israel's ongoing violent, settler-colonial process of "Judaization". It is commemorated with direct actions, rallies and protests across Palestine and the rest of world .
On this day in 1976, a general strike and marches were organised and attended by thousands in Arab/Palestinian towns from the Galilee to the Negev, in response to the Israeli government's announcement to expropriate more Arab/Palestinian owned land for Jewish-only settlements and the establishment of military bases, as part of an open policy to “Judaize” the area at the expense of the indigenous population. 
The quiet demonstrations were confronted by an aggressive police and army presence which later turned on them in violent confrontations. Six were killed, hundreds were arrested, imprisoned and injured. Since then, annual events have been held to honour those killed while highlighting the struggle for Palestinian land rights inside Israel, the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem, and across the global refugee diaspora.
Palestine's Land day is considered as a pivotal event and the first act of mass mobilisation and resistance by Palestinians within Israel against the zionist policy of internal colonialisation, a systematic process of expropriation that has reduced Palestinian land ownership from around 94 per cent of all territory in pre-1948 Palestine to less than three per cent in what is now considered to be Israel. It was also the first time since 1948 that Arabs/Palestinians in Israel organized a response to Israeli policies as a Palestinian national collective.

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