Israeli occupation forces uproot over 3,400 olive trees in West Bank

08-01-2021 16:54

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Israel occupation forces uprooted on Wednesday over 3,400 olive trees in Deir Ballut town, west of northern West Bank city of Salfit, local sources said.


According to the sources the Israeli occupation forces sealed off the western part of the town, known as Khallet al-Abhar, and escorted a bulldozer to it, before the heavy machine had destroyed over a thousand olive trees and saplings belonging to local Palestinian farmers.


Located 15 kilometers to the west of Salfit city, Deir Ballut has a population of some 4,100 and occupied a total area of 11,900 dunams.


It includes several archeological sites dating back to the Byzantine era, such as Saint Simeon Monastery and al-Qal‘a Monastery.


Before 1948, the area of the village was 40,000 dunums (10,000 acres). In 1967, 20 per cent of the land of Deir Ballut was stolen by Israel.


Since then, like so many other villages in Palestine, Deir Ballut has been subjected to almost continuous land theft for Israeli settlements, bypass roads, and military installations.

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