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29-11-2020 19:23

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November 29th marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The occasion is an important chance for the international community to come together in remembrance of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, which, 72 years after the nakba, are yet to be realised.


It is also an important opportunity to note that from the nakba in 1948 to the proposed annexation of the West Bank in 2020, global solidarity with the Palestinian struggle has been an essential source of hope and solace for Palestinians.


The need for our solidarity comes after an incredibly challenging year for all of us. On the ground, we have seen development of the illegal Israeli settlements and the destruction of Palestinian villages in the West Bank and the passing of the annexation bill in the Israeli Knesset. In Gaza, the UN’s stark prediction that 2020 would render the area unliveable has come to pass. In Europe and North America, all our efforts to support Palestine have been denounced and suppressed with allegations of anti-Semitism.


At this difficult time for the protection of Palestinian human rights, it is imperative that we around the world refuse to lessen our resolve amidst the growing challenges we face. Instead, we must once again call on the international community to unconditionally support the inalienable rights and freedoms of the Palestinian people. This call must be predicated on international law, norms, and consensus and stringent accountability mechanisms for those in violation of these standards.


The last 72 years have proven an unimaginable ordeal for Palestinian society. Yet the Palestinian civil society has never compromised on their demands - to live in freedom without occupation and without apartheid.


In solidarity,


The EuroPal Forum Team

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