Israeli Racism in Quotes

17-06-2020 14:37



On this day, 71 years ago, the Palestinians suffered the greatest tragedy in its national history: the nakba (catastrophe). The nakba led to an estimated 750,000 Palestinians being expelled from within and outside the territory allocated to the Jewish state in the United Nation’s 1947 Partition Plan and facilitated the creation of the State of Israel in 78 percent of historic Palestine. This event led to the almost overnight erasure of a society that had been composed over centuries and was the hallmark of a new reality for Palestinians characterised by continuing dispossession, displacement, and ongoing statelessness.


With the situation only getting worse for Palestinians, on this day the trauma of the nakba is increasingly present in the consciousness of human rights defenders all over the world.


Against the backdrop of the nakba, defenders of Israel and individuals within Israeli society have attempted to whitewash its human rights abuses against Palestinians under the pretence that Israel is ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ and a ‘beacon of hope to all people’. This sentiment has been echoed by notable figures within political life in the United Kingdom, such as Sajid Javid MP and Joan Ryan MP.


This contention, however, is an abject misrepresentation of a political and societal environment in Israel that works towards the structural and constitutional subordination of Palestinian political and civic rights. This subjugation of rights has indeed been widely documented through the plethora of human rights organisations working in the West and in Israel and the Occupied Territories. In July 2018, Israel’s oppression of Palestinian human rights gained international notoriety when the Israeli Knesset passed the Nation-State Law, which institutionalised under its umbrella a range of anti-Palestinian policies. The Nation-State Law, however, is part of a plethora of over 65 discriminatory state laws, such as the Absentee Property Law (1950) and the Israeli Citizenship Law (1952), that render the Palestinians subservient to their Israeli Jewish counterparts. The system in Israel, which in every essence seeks to maintain domination by one racial group, is indicative of apartheid.


Given this, EuroPal Forum, in our capacity as an organisation seeking to raise awareness about the Palestine issue in Europe, would like to present to you our most recent campaign titled ‘Israeli Racism in Quotes’. This campaign seeks to raise awareness in the UK of the racism and discrimination that is pertinent amongst the Israeli milieu and that serves to render Palestinians as second-class citizens. It is hoped that by fostering awareness amongst parliamentarians, it will promote engagement by the government in regard to the plight of the Palestinians and the struggle of Palestinian citizens of Israel for full equality and rights.



























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Israeli Racism in Quotes

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