Understanding Hamas: New Political Discourse in Theory and Practice

08-04-2019 13:41

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This seminar attempts to foment a holistic understanding of the position of Hamas in relation to peace in the Middle East, internal Palestinian politics, and normalisation with Europe. To do this, the seminar will look at the ways in which the new Hamas political document has affected Hamas’ discourse in practice (both political and military wings), the status of cross-party reconciliation in Palestinian politics, and whether Hamas’ new discourse, and other regional developments, has opened up new avenues for dialogue with Israel and Europe. The overall objective of the seminar is to bring together individuals at the forefront of research into Hamas to elucidate a more nuanced understanding of this political party and resistance movement which is a key actor in Palestinian politics.


1) Dr. Atef Alshaer - The development of Hamas Political discourse in theory and practice including the impact of Hamas’ new political document

2) Dr. Daud Abdullah - Elections in Palestine: Hamas and other Palestinian parties and groups. Including Hamas’ position regarding the Palestinian elections and dialogue with its counterpart, Fatah.

3) Dr. Azzam Tamimi - The impact of the change in international powers on Hamas and peace in the Middle East and the future of Hamas.

Chair: To be confirmed

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