Gazans launch cry for help as Egypt continues to flood borders

03-10-2015 11:53


The Egyptian authorities have continued to flood the Gaza-Egypt borders with high-salinity seawater as part of intents to destroy cross-border tunnel activity, resulting in remarkable damage in Gaza’s fauna and flora.


Local sources told a PIC journalist that high-salinity sea water has been leaking into the Palestinian side of the border area after the Egyptian authorities stepped up pumping of seawater into Gaza’s border area in southern Rafah city.

The same sources added that the flooding project resulted in remarkable damage in Gaza’s fauna and flora, with large pools of seawater stacked one day after the other.

In what observers branded an unprecedented move set to please the Israeli occupation, the Egyptian army forces have begun, since September 11, to pump water from the Mediterranean Sea into underground tunnels on the southern borders of the besieged Gaza Strip, harming nearby civilian homes and cultivated land lots. 

According to Gaza’s Water Authority, the move poses a serious threat to the Strip’s water and food security.

Blockaded by the Israeli regime since 2007, Gaza used to receive urgently-needed supplies through the network of underground tunnels on its border with Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. 

Palestinians in Gaza are living under inhuman conditions due to the tough siege imposed by the Israeli occupation and also due to Egypt’s quasi-permanent closure of the Rafah border-crossing. 


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