Report: British Transport Unions Delegation to Palestine 2015

29-09-2015 16:43

Source: PSC


Between July 21st and 28th 2015, a trade union delegation with representatives from ASLEF, TSSA and RMT travelled to Palestine with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


The delegation included: Mick Whelan (ASLEF General Secretary), Manuel Cortes (TSSA General Secretary), Andi Fox (TSSA executive), Colin Smith (ASLEF), Marz Colombini (ASLEF executive), Mick Carney (TSSA President), Peter Pinkney (RMT President), Paul Scholey (Morrish Solicitors), Hugh Lanning (PSC Chair) and journalist Tim Lezard (NUJ executive in a personal capacity).


The visit included a tour of the occupied Jordan Valley, meetings and field visits in Hebron, East Jerusalem, Nazareth, the visit of the refugee camp in Bethlehem and a Bedouin village in the south of Israel.


The delegation met with human rights and workers rights organisations in Palestine and Israel, including the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, Kav La’Oved, the Workers Advice Centre (WAC – MAAN), and had meetings with representatives of Palestinian civil society including  Omar Barghouti founder of the Palestinian BDS movement, and Haneen Zoabi Member of the Israeli Knesset.


The full report can be downloaded and viewed here: TU Del 15 PSC Report (web)




Paul Scholey’s blog: https://paulscholey.wordpress.com/2015/07/17/introductions/ 



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