Pro-Israel lobby attacks Dutch minister for supporting UNRWA

06-02-2018 13:57

Source: Europal Forum


A number of pro-Israeli lawmakers have attacked the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation “Sigrid Kaag” in light of the Accelerated contribution of 13 million euros in aid to UNRWA after the decision of the US President Donald Trump to cut the financial aid to the UNRWA.


After the American president Trump had withheld millions of aid money from UNRWA, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag accelerated the annual contribution of the Netherlands to the UN organization for Palestinian refugees.


Three lawmakers, including one from the ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, submitted questions to Kaag in parliament this week about the decision.


“Why are you fast-tracking funding for UNRWA when there are so many potential groups with urgent needs?” they asked.


Minister Kaag states in her written answers that the accelerated transfer is not intended to fill the financing gap at UNRWA. This contribution was already foreseen in the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. The amount of 13 million was only made available more quickly "to mitigate an acute financing problem and give UNRWA the opportunity and time to find other donors."


The Council of International Relations in Palestine has condemned the attack, which he described as "cruel." The council said in a statement issued on Sunday 4 February 2018  that the attack was an indication of Israeli policy aimed at eliminating the Palestinian refugees case by cutting off support for them and the institutions that support them.


Zahir Birawi, Chair of Europal Forum, highlighted that the attack was part of Israeli policy aimed at silencing all the voices supporting Palestinian rights in the world, both at the official level and within the framework of civil society organizations and solidarity organizations. "This Israeli behavior indicates the weakness of the Israeli argument and its narrative of the conflict."

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