Three new medical centers to be shut down in Gaza

05-02-2018 15:40

Source: Palestine information centre


Gaza's Ministry of Health on Monday morning announced that backup generators at three additional health centers in Gaza have stopped working due to the acute fuel shortage.


Spokesman for the Ministry, Ashraf al-Qedra, said that the number of health facilities whose services have been suspended due to the fuel crisis has reached 3 hospitals and 13 medical centers so far.


Al-Qedra expressed deep concern that more generators might stop working at other centers in view of the absence of any solution to the crisis, which would result in serious repercussions on the future of Gaza's health sector.


Al-Qedra said in an earlier statement that the Crisis Management Committee at the Ministry of Health stressed that the health situation in the Gaza Strip has entered an unprecedented stage.


The Committee called on donors to immediately intervene to put an end to the fuel crisis and asked the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company to work urgently to give priority to hospitals and provide them with electricity around the clock.


Al-Qedra explained that health services in Gaza are in constant decline especially after services were halted in Beit Hanoun hospital and al-Durra children's hospital and patients were transferred to other hospitals.

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