‘You choose apartheid’, Netanyahu told in Knesset session

14-11-2017 12:56

Source: MEMO


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was accused of choosing “apartheid” and permanent military occupation of the Palestinians during a special session of the Knesset yesterday.


The debate focused on “the Israeli government’s political challenge in light of new opportunities that have been created”, and was initiated by opposition party Meretz.


Speaking at the session, Joint List leader Ayman Odeh stated that “we are at a crossroad where it is clearer than ever that we have only two options: peace or apartheid”.


Odeh accused Netanyahu of “time and again” refusing to take the route of peace, “choosing instead to continue the occupation and military control of another people”, adding: “We choose peace and you choose apartheid.”


Other politicians, meanwhile, claimed that Netanyahu was too busy mired in corruption investigations to be able to take advantage of “historic opportunities have arisen for regional cooperation that could lead to a permanent agreement and to an end to the conflict”.



Another MK, from opposition faction Zionist Camp, attacked Netanyahu for not making sure Israel was part of the negotiations that led to the recent ceasefire deal in Syria.


“Russia, the US and Jordan asked for a ceasefire agreement in Syria, and who wasn’t the room? We weren’t. And who isn’t considered? We aren’t.”


“How is it possible that the demilitarised zone in the Golan Heights was decided for us by others? How did it happen that according to the agreement, Iran will be at our doorstep? And you, Bibi, are allowing this to happen under your watch. Again, there are zero achievements. Nada. Nothing at all.”

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