Israeli settler ‘deliberately rammed’ car into Palestinian children

11-08-2017 17:33

Source: MEMO


An Israeli settler “deliberately” ran over four Palestinian children in occupied Jerusalem yesterday evening.


Eyewitnesses say that the settler “deliberately rammed” his car into a group of children in the occupied town of Silwan and fled the scene.


The witnesses also reported that the Israeli settler was driving recklessly at high speed from the centre of the town before driving into the group of children and seriously injuring four of them. Two of the injured children are said to be brothers.


The witnesses added that the Palestinian Red Crescent crews came to the scene of the attack and provided treatment to the children, and then transferred them to hospital.


There has been a spike in attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories. In July, ten-year-old Wijdan Faris Nasser Al-Jabari was left wounded after she was hit by an Israeli settler vehicle, while in May, an Israeli settler deliberately ran over eight-year-old Palestinian, Laith Yousif Shatat, in the occupied West Bank of city of Yatta south of occupied Hebron.  A month before the attack on Shatat, an Israeli settler ran over and injured a Palestinian boy, Murad Samir al-Razam. The settler was reported to have fled the scene after the incident


While there have been dozens of “hit and run” incidents targeting Palestinians across the occupied West Bank, investigations into them have not been carried out even though some have resulted in fatalities.

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