LONDON EVENT: Play: Camouflage

17-05-2017 18:44

Source: Amnesty International


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Amnesty International
25 New Inn Yard,



How does one survive under military occupation? How do young people see the situation? Do they try to resist it? Run away? Give up? What do they care about most? Four young Palestinians had the right ideas; they survived through staring danger in the face.


Camouflage is a daring new play, in collaboration with Amnesty, which looks at the experience of a Palestinian refugee trying to flee the conflict in Syria, a young girl in Ramallah who is in denial of the situation, a boy in Gaza falling in love for the first time and an aspiring actor in Haifa who has to come to terms with the unjust society he lives in.


The play is a dark comedy by acclaimed Palestinian writer Ahmed Masoud, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Israeli military occupation in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank – Palestine, looking at the issues that really matter for young people.


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