Tell the FIFA president to show Israel the red card

08-02-2017 17:17

Source: BDS Movement


Israel deliberately destroys Palestinian football stadiums and detains Palestinian players. Meanwhile, Israel allows six teams based in illegal settlements to play in its national league.


FIFA, the governing body of world football, has failed to take action against the Israeli Football Association for its inclusion of these teams that are based in illegally occupied land. By failing to act, FIFA is not only ignoring its own statutes but is complicit in Israel’s violations of international law. FIFA should demand that the Israeli Football Association exclude teams based in illegal settlements from its leagues, and suspend the Israeli Football Association from FIFA if it refuses to comply. 


Tokyo Sexwale, the South African chairman of the FIFA Monitoring Committee Israel-Palestine, is about to submit a report to FIFA’s president and Council about improving the conditions of Palestinian football.


As the Council deliberates, this is our time to act. Write to FIFA President Gianni Infantino to keep the pressure on FIFA to do the right thing. Do it by filling out the form on this page.

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