UNHRC commissioners ask to delay Gaza report until June 2015!

11-03-2015 18:20

Source: www.un.org


In a statement on 9th March, the president of the Human Rights Council Ambassador Joachim Ruecher said: “I met with the Commissioners of the United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict who handed over a letter requesting a deferral to June 2015 of the submission and presentation of their report due to be presented to the Human Rights Council on 23 March”.


The Commissioners informed me that they needed this extension in order to weigh the additional information they have received in recent weeks. 


I have conveyed this request to the concerned parties and informed the Council Bureau. Following the explanation by the Commissioners, I support the request for additional time vis-à-vis the Human Rights Council, in order to allow them to finalise a comprehensive report as mandated.


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