LONDON EVENT: ICAHD UK: AGM and Conference Sat 28 May

26-05-2016 20:41

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ICAHD 2016 AGM and Conference – Where are we headed in Israel/Palestine?


To book tickets: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QO6G8ruCyaPrqal1I97E5wTSjRoggvXfHBuw0Fnmcec/viewform


After Israel destroyed the two-state solution what remains is unadulterated apartheid: Israeli Jews ruling over an entire Palestinian people with no national or civil rights and confined to dozens of tiny enclaves on only 10% of their homeland.


Apartheid cannot be accepted by any of us, not even by the most fervent supporter of Israel. Israel itself has left us with only one way out: a democratic, bi-national state, a solution called for by almost a hundred Palestinian intellectuals in the Palestine-Israel Journal (2005).


Any just solution is impossible, of course, as long as Israel continues its rule over the Palestinians,which is only aided by a collaborationist and by-now unelected Palestinian Authority. The collapse of the PA, a subject of grave concern among Israeli politicians these days, would be a game-changer.


Israel would have to physically reoccupy the Palestinian cities and Gaza, enflaming the Muslim world and people the world over, thereby creating an intolerable situation.


Are we, the progressive forces, Palestinian, Israeli and international, ready for that? Do we have an end-game, or will we be by-passed when the window emerges for fundamental change in the political situation? What, indeed, are we BDS-ing for?


We are delighted to announce that our featured speakers include Nabila Espanioly from Nazareth and Jeff Halper from Jerusalem. Nabila has spent three decades campaigning for the civil rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel, for peace between Israel and Palestine, and equal rights for women. She is the Director of the Al-Tafula centre which serves child development and women. Nabila will speak to ‘A perspective of a ’48 Palestinian citizen of Israel’.


ICAHD’s Jeff Halper will address the theme ‘BDS for BDS’ (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for a Bi-National, Democratic State). Jeff says that apartheid cannot be accepted by any of us, not even by the most fervent supporter of Israel.


The Middle East is in flames and we have become part of a global catastrophe which affects us all. Our focus must shift to actually resolving the conflict, not managing it or merely protesting it.


The conference will also include information about the BDS campaign in the UK and there will be contributions from previous participants in our annual rebuilding camp and study tours, and a special new film about Atta Jaber will be premiered.


Full details will follow, but for now you can book your place via this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QO6G8ruCyaPrqal1I97E5wTSjRoggvXfHBuw0Fnmcec/viewform


Please note, ticket price includes lunch, refreshments and an information pack.


The conference will be preceded as usual by our members’ AGM: 10:00 – 11:30.


DETAILS: WHEN: Saturday 28th May, 2016, 11:45 – 17:00 WHERE: Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre, London TICKETS: £30 / £25 / £15 (Non-members / Members / Unwaged)

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