About us


EuroPal Forum is an independent and non-party political organisation based in London, working to build networks throughout Europe in support of the promotion and realisation of Palestinian rights.

Established to promote dialogue and understanding between Palestinian and European decisions makers, EuroPal Forum seeks a just European foreign policy upholding human rights and the Palestinian right to self-determination.

Our work includes a series of public relations (PR) , advocacy and lobbying training courses across Europe; setting up dialogue between MPs from the international community with the cross-party friends of Palestine group; the Israel Lobby and the European Union report, Activist Toolkit and We Believe in Palestine project.


Our Mission:


EuroPal Forum promotes human rights and international law within the Palestinian and wider contexts. Through media, advocacy and networking our work addresses the most crucial elements of the world’s longest conflict in modern history. This can be achieved by counterbalancing the plethora of pro-Israeli bias public relations and media coverage, EuroPal Forum supports fair and open political analysis and dialogue in the UK and across Europe. 


Our Objectives:


- Initiate and expand a professional network of relations in support of the rights of the Palestinian people to highlight the Palestinian issues within European mainstream.

- Mobilise and empower European civil society in support of Palestine.

- Provide a platform for groups and individuals within the fields of PR, media, and research working for the furtherance of Palestinian issues.


Our Activities: 


- EuroPal Forum has a comprehensive online platform which brings all the latest news and updates on matters concerning European Palestinian relations can be found on our convenient Media Hub website section. The Hub is a source of independent news and opinion articles with a particular focus on political issues affecting Palestine. 

- Following closely and reacts to parliamentary and governmental affairs within Westminster and Brussels which impact on Palestine. Engaged in lobbying and strategic policy directions through research, analysis, and advocacy activities, EuroPal Forum provides a platform to inform the public debate on Palestinian issues. 

- Organising seminars, working groups, training courses and high profile meetings with MPs, senior public figures and decision makers in Europe to raise awareness and encourage positive choices on matters concerning Palestine. 


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